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Millions of Android apps focus on the privacy and security of the titles that users download. That’s why it’s so important to build user trust with engaging, high-quality app experiences built on a secure foundation.

I’m Jacqueline Hart and I lead the team that helps developers navigate our policies. We are also responsible for reviewing apps on Google Play to ensure they are safe for users.

In this edition of Google Play Notes, I’d like to share how we’re working to improve your user experience and help strengthen user trust by highlighting your app’s approach to privacy and security.

Over the past few months, we’ve shared updates to our key privacy and security initiatives to help you prepare for changes and use new tools and resources, including improved account data transparency and the Data Security section of your app and new Android 14 functionality. Now I’m excited to share the next phase of features, tools, and updates we’ve been working on to keep our platform safe and secure.

It will give you a better policy experience

A few months ago, we announced our existence. Redesigning the content page of the application In Google Play Console, we’re adding more information to help you make your masterpieces more visible:

  • Find deadlines with a new timeline view for new and updated statements
  • Understand why your application is within the scope of a particular declaration
  • Find policy issues relevant to each statement, helping you quickly identify and fix issues
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Later this year, we plan to reveal not only the current disclosures, but also upcoming notification requirements and deadlines to give you more time to plan.

Get a clear view of the amazing publishing-related functionality on our redesigned app content page.
An example is descriptive and subject to change.

We’re getting you too. Important information about third-party SDKsIncluding a new announcement on the Google Play SDK Index so you can make a more informed decision about which SDK version might cause your app to violate Google Play guidelines.

And now we’re bringing even more critical information to the Play Console. Previously, you could find out about SDK-related policy issues affecting your apps via inbox or email. Later this year, we’ll bring this information live on Policy status p So you can view any issues in one place and stay on top of your app’s policy status.

Soon, you’ll be able to find out about SDK-related policy issues on the Policy Status page in the Play Console.
An example is descriptive and subject to change.

And we’re making it easy. Find out if your app is affected by our target API requirementsIt requires you to build for the latest Android versions so you can take advantage of our latest security updates and platform updates. Starting in early August, you may have seen information on any impact on your application on the policy status page, including resources to help you figure out what to do to become compliant.

To provide additional support, we are launching More ways to improve the experience. These include the new Developer Help Community, where you can ask your peers about everything from the Play Console to the latest policy changes, and the Google Play Strike Removal Program, which helps qualified developers get certain enforcement marks removed after passing the relevant Play Academy training course. . We piloted the program last year and saw a significant reduction in repeat violations, so now we’re rolling it out to all developers.

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Building user trust in the data security department

Security plays a vital role in helping users decide whether an app is right for them. Recently, we announced account data transparency and controls in the data security department to help build user trust. If you haven’t yet completed the updated data security form, watch our two-minute video to learn how before the December 7, 2023 deadline. Users will start seeing your new information in your store listing in early 2024.
Provide data deletion options in the Play Console until December 7, 2023
Soon, you’ll be able to find out about SDK-related policy issues on the Policy Status page in the Play Console.
An example is descriptive and subject to change.

To help users be confident in the privacy app categories they download, we’ll soon add a new Play Store banner for the VPN app category to highlight the importance of reviewing an app’s data security section before installing.

When users search for “VPN” apps on Google Play, they’ll see a banner encouraging them to look for a shield icon in the app’s data security section, indicating that the app has completed an independent security review. VPN developers like NordVPN, Google One, and ExpressVPN are early adopters of this program. We encourage more VPN app developers to conduct independent security testing, which will bring more transparency to users. Users can learn more about the independent security verification process and view privately verified VPN apps by tapping “Learn more” to go to the app verification directory.
Independent Security Review – This badge in the data security section indicates that VPN apps have been certified against international security standards.
We are launching a new Play Store banner to build user trust in the VPN app category.
An example is descriptive and subject to change.

If you are a VPN developer and would like to learn more about this feature, please submit this form.

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look forward

Our Google team is prioritizing new ways to give users more confidence in the quality and safety of the apps and games they download, making Google Play the most trusted app marketplace. This includes efforts like our new developer verification process for new Play Console accounts.

We have a lot more to come, but I’m excited to share these updates with you now, and hope they help you thrive on our platform. As always, thank you for working with us to make Google Play a safe, trusted platform.

Jacqueline Hart


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