Wednesday, May 31
Pixel 8 Pro 5K4 Scale 1

😱 Good morning and welcome to the Tuesday edition of The Daily Authority! I’m looking forward to seeing Scream VI tomorrow, even though friends have given it very mixed reviews. But first, on the day’s top tech headlines, including the Pixel 8 Pro story and Apple’s controversial move.

The Pixel 8 Pro’s new(ish) camera trick.

Pixel 8 Pro 5K2 Scale 1

Although it’s still months away from its launch, we’re seeing a series of leaks for the Google Pixel 8. Today’s latest comes courtesy of people 9to5GoogleAnd it’s all about the new(ish) photography feature going to the phone.

  • Some Colombo-style code found the latest Google Camera app update details a new camera feature that can combine photos from multiple cameras to improve the Pixel 8 Pro’s night vision.
  • If you’re getting deja-vu, it’s because this trick already exists on the Pixel 7 Pro.
  • The multi-camera Super Res zoom starts with the current high-end pixel flag, but not enough to turn it into a dedicated telephoto shooter.
  • The images from both the telephoto lens and the primary camera combine to enhance the center of the image with more detail and clarity.
  • While it looks like Google may use the same technique on the Pixel 8 Pro’s night vision images, the technique remains the same.
  • The standard Pixel 8 may not have a dedicated telephoto shooter, so this should be a Pixel 8 Pro-exclusive feature.

Apple courts controversy with mute switch killer move

iPhone 15 Pro mute button leak

Now it looks like Apple may create a similar controversy by removing the iPhone’s mute function.

  • New iPhone 15 Pro images and video from Twitter tipster ShrimpApplePro Show new design for phone volume keys and mute switch.
  • It looks like a curtain for a tactile slider that allows current iPhone users to put their phones on silent, replacing the slider with a new solid-state mute button.
  • There are no two separate volume buttons to increase or decrease the volume, a single large capacity button replaces these.
  • And it looks like this is just a Pro move, as it retains the standard iPhone 15’s switch-style slider.

Tuesday thing

Stupid thing today. I thought I’d share this little Tuesday themed poem with one of my favorite poets. Brian Bilston.

Brian Bilston tuesdet

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, both undercover and offworld!

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