Saturday, September 23

Garmin Apex Pro 2

Credit: Garmin
  • Garmin has announced two new device families, the Fenix ​​7 Pro series and the Epix Pro series.
  • Each series includes three case sizes, built-in LED flashlights, improved heart rate monitoring and new training features.
  • The Garmin Fenix ​​7 Pro series starts at $799.99 and the Epix Pro series starts at $899.99.

In the year Following several successful launches in 2023, today Garmin announced two more updated devices. Both the fan-favorite Fenix ​​7 and Epix lineups receive the Pro moniker on new devices packed with upgrades. Aptly named the Fenix ​​7 Pro series and Epix Pro series, the new watches feature advanced training tools, new performance metrics, and improved mapping and navigation experiences. They also bring a built-in LED flashlight to all interested wrists.

what is new?

For tracking sports activities, the Epix Pro and Fenix ​​7 Pro lineup each feature thirty new activity modes, including popular team sports and activities like whitewater skiing. For more accurate stats, the watches feature improved heart rate sensors that integrate sports-focused algorithms and various optical sensors.

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