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As the tech sector recovers from the mass layoffs of 2022, many workers are struggling to shake off anxiety about job security, which has fueled a surge in career changes. So what is it?

Essentially, job flexibility refers to the tendency for employees to plan and find new roles as they actively engage in their core business––taking steps to pursue cross-sector training, networking, and research opportunities.

Taking inspiration from the dating world, where singletons are known to improve their relationships by looking for something better without breaking up with their current partner, a career pillow has its perks.

Advocates say pinching means less time spent looking for a new job if you’re laid off, but being aware of industry trends means you’ll be more mindful of your time and more likely to succeed in an interview.

Here’s how to efficiently streamline your work.

Do your research

What is happening in your industry? Research companies that are hitting targets, as well as those that are struggling. Who is driving innovation and setting the industry bar and which companies are hiring?

By understanding trends in your industry, you’ll not only be aware of opportunities with different companies, but you’ll also be able to provide informed feedback on the state of the game in subsequent interviews, making yourself more employable.

Identify your activity

Decide what you want your next role to be – what benefits do you want it to have? You may want to take a step up the career ladder or be more interested in a side hustle that offers more benefits or flexibility. Answering these questions now means you’ll be less likely to make a bad decision under pressure. It will also help you identify roles that can help you achieve your goals.

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Update your social profiles and resume

You know the old saying, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”? It may be perfectly written for those who are looking for job security but fail to regularly update their LinkedIn page and master resume.

Keeping an up-to-date professional profile and being resume-ready means you can take advantage of an opportunity when you see it. And if you make a new connection, you can instantly share your most recent career information.

Update your skill set

You’ve done your research, you’ve identified your career goals, and you’re about to apply for your next ideal role–so now you need to do a self-audit. Are you hiring for the role or do you lack the skills? Updating your skill sets early will make you more employable, and help you feel a little more secure in your sector.

Explore your options

Applying for new jobs is the last step in career planning. This will help you identify areas where you need to work on both your interview skills and your overall skill set. Dozens of companies are currently hiring across all sectors and levels. Below you can find three exciting opportunities, at companies known to offer great benefits, as well as signs of continued growth and security.


Travel giant Airbnb is known globally for its generous benefits package, which includes a quarterly travel allowance at Airbnb properties, a flexible working policy and an employee stock plan. Airbnb is currently hiring for a variety of roles across all sectors, including Lead Experience Designer and NPI Program Manager. Explore all roles at Airbnb.

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Ramp Financial

Ramp Financial is software aimed at automating the administrative side of business finance, freeing up employees’ time for other tasks. Benefits you will enjoy include 401k contributions, paid parental leave, generous paid time off and health insurance. Ramp Financial is currently hiring for a variety of roles including Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Technical Program Manager and Full Stack Senior Software Engineer. Browse all roles at Ramp Financial.


NFT marketplace OpenSea offers employee benefits, including flexible paid time off and work time, ongoing training, health insurance, family support and company retreats. OpenSea is currently hiring for a number of positions including Game Business Development, Software Engineer and Senior Product Designer. Browse all roles at OpenSea.

For hundreds of additional opportunities with the biggest names in technology, visit the NextPit Job Board today. This article was written by Aisling O’Toole.


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