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There are more than one way to share your screen in Zoom, such as sharing a selected portion of your screen, sharing an interactive whiteboard, or setting slides or a PowerPoint presentation as your virtual background. Here’s how you can show others what you’re up to by sharing your screen in Zoom.

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Quick answer

Click the green button to share your screen on Zoon Share screen Click the button at the bottom of the meeting window and select the sharing option you prefer. To stop sharing your screen, click the same button.

Jump to your device

How to share zoom on your PC or Mac

You can find Share screen Using the Zoom desktop application on your PC or MacBook, in green at the bottom of the window. As the meeting host, you can click the arrow next to it to change permission settings for multiple participants at once or one person who can share their screen.

Share screen zoom

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After clicking on the Share screen, you will be presented with different sharing options in three categories: Basic, advancedAnd files. Simply select if you want to share the entire content of your display Share root Basic. You can also share your web browser, Airplay your iPhone or iPad screen, or share an interactive whiteboard.

Share screen basic

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Advanced screen sharing

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Finally, you can share any files with your team from apps like Google Drive or Dropbox. files Room.

Zoom in on sharing files

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Participants can see who is sharing their screen at the top of the meeting window. You can stop sharing temporarily by clicking. Pause and share From the green side Share a new one button from the top menu.

Stop sharing zoom

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Click when you are done sharing your screen Stop sharing To end your session.

How to share screen with Zoom on Android

You will see green on your Android phone Share Button below while in zoom session.

Share Zoom android

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Tap that to see a list of sharing options. Scroll down and select Screen To share the content of your phone screen. You can share things like a website link or your phone’s camera feed.

Share Options Android Zoom

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Tap red when you’re done sharing. Stop sharing button at the bottom left of your screen. You can also tag annotations to add text to your screen share or change your audio share — meaning sounds from apps or services on your phone.

Stop Sharing Zoom Mobile

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How to share on zoom on iPhone or iPad

While in a Zoom meeting on an iOS device, tap Share At the bottom of the screen, then choose Screen To share your screen. You can also choose to share photos or files.

iOS 1 zoom

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Download iOS 2

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You will then be notified about screen sharing. Tap when you’re done Stop sharing To end your stream.

Zoom in on iOS 4

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Questions to be asked

Yes, participants will be notified when someone shares their screen. Zoom notifies the host if someone asks to share.

First, make sure you’re using the latest Zoom app. If the Share screen button is not available after updating the application, it may be because the host has not granted sharing permission to participants.

Yes, multiple people can share their screen simultaneously during a meeting. However, the host should adjust the sharing settings accordingly.


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