Wednesday, May 31
No Ear 2 OnLeaks SmartPrix 3 fixed size.


  • New No Ears 2 suppliers appeared online.
  • The recordings show the same pattern as the previous ear 1.
  • The headphones are said to come with adaptive ANC and more.

The veteran Laker SteveOnleaks‘ Inhibitors and SmartPrix They posted several performances of Nothing Ear 2. And just like the previous images, the new images suggest a similar design to the No Ear 1.

In other words, we’ve got the same transparent charging case and the same basic headphone design. So fans of the Ear 1 design should be at home with the new shoots.

In terms of features, SmartPrix No Ear 2 also reportedly gets personalized noise cancellation (ANC) so you can set the level of noise cancellation you want. The headphones are said to offer transparency mode, multi-point connection to connect to two devices simultaneously, advanced EQ function and find headphones feature.

Most of these features were available on the older headsets, but the multi-point functionality is a welcome addition though.

There’s no word on availability or pricing, but hopefully nothing will stick with the $149 price tag after the original gadget’s $99 launch price.

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