Tuesday, March 21

A few days ago, we saw a Coca-Cola branded smartphone in the works, but the phone did not have any logo of the smartphone brand, so there is no confirmation about the manufacturer. However, given its similarities to the Realme 10/10 Pro, it was reasonable to expect the Kola phone to be a special edition of one of these Realme smartphones. And that might be the case if Realme posted a short clip on Twitter today hinting at its collaboration with Coca-Cola.

An image of a leaked Coca-Cola phone

Leaked image of Coca-Cola phone (not the verified name)

Realme tweeted: “Something fun is a bubble!” He released a video clip with the caption. And a smartphone in a red-ish background with all the fizz we normally see in drinks like Coca-Cola.

Realme has also put up an event page on its Indian website with a similar background, but this time the caption reads, “Realme is truly refreshing.”

Realme says 'something is freezing in Realme' and Coca Cola phone may be unlocked soon

On the same page, we also have an image of a drink bottle, the drink Fizz by Realme – Realme’s official mascot and chief trend officer. It has the caption “Get ready to say Cheers For Real.”

Realme says 'something is freezing in Realme' and Coca Cola phone may be unlocked soon

All this is proof enough that Realme has teamed up with Coca-Cola for a Coca-Cola-branded smartphone, and if the rendering of the Cola phone we’ve seen is true, it will be a special edition Realme 10 or 10 Pro.

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